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Funk is a very popular dance and music genre in Bahia; despite all the other beautiful dances that are traditional to that area of Brazil, mainly of Spanish origin, such as the flamenco, and the musical style as well. However, the most popular music in the Salvador area, is still funk; origination from the black American music movement. Funk dance and music moved from North America, to South America, and while it gradually became less popular in North Amercia, it gained popularity in Brazil. Even as funk became still a little more old fashioned in other areas of Brazil, Salvador continued to embrace the genre, and its dances.
Today, when visiting the Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Salvador areas, you can still go to nightclubs where you'll definitely hear your fill of funk, and reggae, though not as much rap or more popular black music. Most popular, is the Black Bahia Funk Ball, in Bahia, Salvador where you can dance, and enjoy the sounds and company of the local Brazilians, which means extra fun for singles looking to dance and party the night away.
Capoeira a dance form which is a mixture of dance and martial art, which is of Afro-Brazilian origin. The dance deals with lively dance movements with without arms battle techniques. The dance is said to have originated in the colonial period at the time of slavery. Mestre Bimba and Mestre Patinha are considered as the founders of the capoeira. They are one who popularized the art form in the Brazil and throughout the world in the 20th century.
There is kind of music which is exclusively for Capoeira dance forms which is accompanied along with the dance. The instruments that are used in the capoeira are caxixi, atabaque and berimbau, which are all of African origin, though they've been adopted for this particular style of music and dance.
The dance form Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed at first by African slaves in Brazil. They first used it as a martial art to battle the Portuguese Army. It was used by them as their weapon, their sign of liberty. In contemporary period, it combines battle, game and dance. It is now considered as a technique to put up physical, mental and spiritual power.
The dance Members move backward and forward from side to side and strike athletic gusts by means of mainly their legs. Extra members encircle them in circle while singing go together with by drumming instruments such as berimbau, agogós and atabaques.The history of the art form is not well known. Som think that the art form originated in the midst of the Afro-Brazilians in the "zengalas", lump quarters for the slaves who work on Brazilian sugar plantations. Some people say that the dance was used earlier to Portuguese slaves in Palmares, Brazil's most infamous "Quilombo" maroon colony of escaped slaves, used it to fend off attacks. But at any point now Capoeira is one of philosophical and classical art form.

dances and capoeira

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